ˢCIRCLE (single -Cell Interactive Real-time Computer visualization for Low-dimensional  Exploration) is a novel tool designed for the exploratory analysis of scRNA-Seq data sets, with a focus on bacterial scRNA-seq. The software re-envisions visually and interactively exploring scRNA-Seq and functional gene annotation data from an information design perspective. As a standalone application it contains, among other features, options for dimensionality reduction, navigation and interaction with data in 3d and 2d space, gene filtering, fold change and metacell computation as well as various capabilities for vizualisation, data import and export.
Faculty of Design, Würzburg
Master Project Informationdesign
In cooperation with the Helmholtz-Institute for RNA-based Infection Research
Supervised by
Jun.-Prof. Lars Barquist
Prof. Erich Schöls
Dr. Béatrice Barrois